Lumber First

Locally-sourced, sustainable wood More and more Nova Scotians are adopting a "buy local" philosophy, and it isn’t limited to locally-grown vegetables or hand-knit sweaters. Many of our clients are passionate about buying a home that’s been built with locally-sourced, sustainable wood. We use top-quality Nova Scotia lumber to build every cottage and country home. Using local products benefits our local economy. By choosing a wood home, you are doing your part to support a key segment of the Nova Scotia's economy.

Energy-efficiency Customers are often shocked to learn that a wood-construction home can be more energy-efficient than its concrete-based, vinyl-sided competition. Cottage Country’s homes are designed to provide superior protection from the elements. These wooden structures are less heat-conductive than steel and concrete, which means they use far less energy to stay warm during the winter and comfortably cool during the summer. Homeowners building a wooden home can choose from a variety of heating systems, including electric, wood, geothermal, heat pumps, hot water, and assive solar — and they can expect to save significantly on heating costs.